Dapper Downtown Disney

We took a quick Lyft over to Disney Springs and were greeted by some Disney Holiday Friends.

Getting to our destination was a bit confusing as Disney Springs had changed quite a bit in 8 years!  But we made it in time for our reservations.  And for this trip we had decided that we were going to start out with a dapper retro feel at The Edison!


I got us checked in and we took in the vibe of the place while we waited for our table

We were seated around the left side of the main staircase, which initially bummed me out a little bit due to the lack of view from our seats.  But I soon recognized that it was a good spot in relation to service and was much quieter than the main floor area.  We ordered a round of drinks and some appetizers, all of which really hit the spot.

Jinx and the rest of us especially enjoyed the BACON!

The kiddos were having a good time munching on the appetizers and trying out a couple of the Edison’s drinks.  I didn’t keep track of what drinks were ordered, but as you can see they were in good spirits!

Roxy ordered their awesome grilled cheese, which I ended up eating half of

After a second round of drinks I offered to take some pictures of Jinx and PumpkinGirl.

We had been hearing a table of happy patrons who also happened to be the only others there who had dressed up.  We found out that this was because they also had a lady celebrating a birthday too!  She insisted on a picture with Jinx.

Then we were back to getting some choice pics of Jinx and PumpkinGirl.

We came back to the table and I got Roxy to take a pic of me with the epic bar in the background.

We finished our drinks and decided to wrap up our time in there.  But there is always time for some happy family shots.

We went back upstairs and had to get some shots in front of the big industrial fan with some amazing lighting.

And on our way out PumpkinGirl had to have a shot in front of the gears

We headed out and down past the Boathouse

We checked out the hat shop and I was tempted by a couple of the styles of top hats, but thankfully they didn’t have the design I liked in my size.  It would have been a pain to get home.  PumpkinGirl and I stopped at one of the “Instagram” walls for a quick shot.

We checked out a couple of more stalls and shops and took some pictures down by another one of the Christmas trees.  This was the only one that really turned out.

It was coming up on 10pm so we doubled back and started making our way towards the exit for Lyft pick-ups.  I got a decent shot of the lagoon and then we took the bridge past Rainforest Café.

We did one more stop to check out some sweets.

After making some purchases we headed out and I requested our Lyft.  From this trip back we confirmed that when your driver follows the GPS Cypress Pointe, more times than not it will try to take him/her to a side entrance which unfortunately is closed at night.  After looping around the property we learned our lesson and would start telling our drivers to turn at the main entrance and guide them to our place.

We carefully took out our dapper outfits as we would be wearing them for our EPCOT day.  Then cleaned up, got coffee set, and headed off to bed.  Tomorrow would bring us to our first park day.  Where would we go?  What would we do?  How would the parks be in relation to COVID precautions?  Scroll down to see!